For 4 long years, left-behind dad, Demetrius, had been searching for his 7-year-old daughter, Dezion, who had been taken away by her mom. Where other agencies had failed, Child Find’s caseworkers located Dezion in less than a month.

Dezion & Dad

However even though Dezion had been located, under interstate laws Demetrius had to undergo a home study before she could come and live with him. Legal procedures were starting to resolve the case, but once again, the mom ran with the child.

Our caseworkers again picked up on the trail, acting as liaisons between Dad, Michigan CPS and the California DA’s Office. Parent Help guided Demetrius through the process and were able to obtain the services of a legal aid attorney to represent him in Michigan, discussing the case on his behalf. As you can see from Demetrius and Dezion’s big smiles, everything worked out!