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Your gift can help bring a missing child home.

Your gift helps keep kids safe.

For over a decade Child Find of America has consistently earned an A+ rating from Charity Watch, American Institute of Philanthropy. In 2013, 92 cents of every dollar you donated went directly to our  programs serving children and families in crisis. 


             There are 6 easy ways to make a donation

        |  Call Us  | Donate online  | By Mail | Donate a vehicle | Having a Party? | Through eBay |


1 - Call us at 1-845-883-6060 to connect with our Admin Offices weekdays, excepting federal holidays, between 9am-5pm EST. We can quickly process your gift to Child Find over the phone—as well as answer any questions you might have about Child Find’s programs and services. We always welcome the opportunity to speak with our donors. If for some reason we’re unable to take your call, just leave your name, number and let us know the best time to get back to you. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

2 - Donate Online:

Click on the GiveDirect button:

$1 per transaction is deducted from your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express gift to Child Find when donating through GiveDirect.


- or -


Click on the PayPal button:

3 - Donate by mail. Click on the envelope below. Our donation form will open in a new window.  Please fill out the form and mail it along with your check or credit card information to the address provided.




                                                         Alternative Ways to Give

4 - Donate your Vehicle. That unwanted, or about-to-be traded-in car or truck can be sold and the proceeds benefit child by clicking on the Vehicle Donation Icon below. You can also call 1-877-999-8322.

                                                                                 Sample Vehicle Donation Link Site

5 - Having a Party? Share a Gift with Child Find! Our partners at Echoage came up with a great concept to make kids' birthday parties more meaningful - and easier - for everyone involved. The Birthday Kid gets the "Big Gift" they really really wanted rather than many small gifts. The guests don't have to spend time shopping, wrapping and worrying their efforts won't be appreciated. And the Party Planner's life is made a little bit easier. To top it off, everyone feels especially great knowing they've helped a child who might not be in a situation where they can be celebrating surrounded by friends and loved ones. And Echoage has since expanded its services to include any event where gift-giving is the tradition. Click the banner below to find out how to go about hosting your own Echoage Party!


6 - Selling on eBay?  When you sell an item on eBay, you can donate 10% to 100% of the net proceeds to Child Find of America.  It's a great way to turn some of your extra stuff into a charitable donation used for locating missing children.  Just click on the "eBay Giving Works" icon below to get started.

Child Find of America Inc. is a national not-for-profit organization that provides professional services designed to prevent and resolve child abduction and the family conflicts that can lead to abduction and abuse.

 1-800-I-AM-LOST       1-800-A-WAY-OUT

Worth Magazine named Child Find one of America's 100 Best Charities

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Money Magazine praised Child Find's sound fiscal management

Sesame Street Parents  Magazine highlighted Child Find as one of three "Worthwhile Charities" that help children

Parenting Magazine rated Child Find 
as one of "the top 5 little charities to give to that help children."


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